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Sleeping with Pillow Position Effect on Health

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Normally, every human who live on earth need sleep, at least for 1 or 2 hours every day. In ancient times, peoples slept on wooden or stone pillows or even did not use any pillow at all. But now its different, people sleep using the soft-padded pillow. The habit of sleeping with wooden pillows or stones, causing the ancients woke up with fresh & fit condition, because their bodies able to rest completely during their sleep. In contrast to those who slept on soft mattresses, their bodies unable to rest completely, because they pressed against each other with their bedding pad. 

Sleeps With Pillows : Style, Position and Effect

Pillow Position

Pillow Too High Than Your Head : Not good
If you like to accumulate two pillows at once during your sleep and head position is too high from the body, that is not good. This can cause neck "pulled muscles" situation and create neck muscles more tension to the backbone. The neck will feel stiff and make  difficult for you to move.

Pillow Too Low Than Your Head : Not good
If the pillow position is too low because the pillow is too thin, also not good. This causes low neck muscles situation and it can cause  you a neck pain or back pain. As if the pillow position is too high, the pillow is too low also makes the neck muscles pulled from the normal place.

Pillow Equivalent Head: Good
Choose a comfortable pillow that is flat and normal dense so that the head position is equivalent with the body. This position makes the body muscles relax and make blood circulation in normal way.
If the pillow is thin and no longer comfortable to wear, You should immediately replace it with the new one. Do not sacrifice your health

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Pillow on Sleeping Style

Sleeping in this positions said to make a person dumb like: facing up position, facing down position, and legs are open wide. This position imagery to the animal sleeps' position. This position blocked the blood flow, oppressed the stomach and chest, also blocking the blood flow to the brain.

Pillow For Supine Position
If you usually sleep with a supine position, the position of the pillow should be in line with the position of the head and spine. By choosing a soft pillow, it will spoil your neck and head, and avoid back pain when awaking up in the morning. If you still feel the pain after wake up, try add a pillow under the knee of the foot or on the back for a good sleep formation.

Pillow For Bend The Stomach Position
People who sleep with this bending position, do not need a lot of pillows around the body. But, to maintain comfort as well as to avoid back pain at the bottom, place the pillow under the belly.

Pillows For Sloping Positions
The correct sleeping position with this style is the body tilted to the right with buckled upper leg, and the right hand as a pillow. Sleeping in this position will flow the blood to the brain perfectly, because the head position is lower than the heart.
But, People who are used to sleeping on their side are at risk of waking up with pain in the shoulders, hips, and neck. This is because during sleep they are holding unbalanced weight. To get a good sleep in this position, use a thick pillow to fill the distance between the ear and shoulders. Place the pillow also between the knees and hips to prevent nerve and muscle pain when awakened from sleep.

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Time To Make a Good Sleep

A person's best time to sleep is between 08.00 pm till 01.00 am. At 01.00-04.00 am is supposed to be a time for study, while at 04.00-06.00 am is for sports, and so on. Furthermore, the worst time to sleep is at 06.30 am after the sunrise, at daylight between 11:30-12:00 pm and at 05:30 pm at sunset. Sleeping at that moment will result in confusiousness and even losing consciousness for during this time, they supposed to be conscious.

Getting a good sleep need a dark ambience, protected from too much light. Hence, this over stimulation may cause disrupted data record process in the brain before sleep, this will affect the memory in the long terms.

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