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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Car Pillows

Sunday, November 25, 2018 0
Car Pillows

Car Pillows : Pillow Advisor 

Car Pillows and their use.

Often drive? Often experience a stiff neck? Maybe something is wrong with the way you drive. maybe your driving position is less ergonomic, so that it creates tension in the veins which causes the neck to stiffen. The position of someone driving a car is really nothing that is right for each person. There are those who like to stand up, Some like to lean back, and some are moving forward. Delicious and not depending on each and of course also depends on the type of car.

Well, we will just try to help, who knows with these tips, you will be more concentrated and more comfortable in holding the steering wheel control. Try to install Car Pillows or Car Headrest Pillow. By providing additional accessories, this can be a little relax the muscles behind your body. Especially when your driving position is leaning backwards. If you are in an upright driving position, of course you don't need to add to this car pillow accessories.

In all factory-produced cars, especially the new output, almost all of the headrests are somewhat protruding forward and leave a little room behind the nape of the neck. Sometimes for people who have a height of more than 175 cm, it is rather difficult if you want to lie down. By attaching a car cushion, the blank space will fill and make the cross section more comfortable.

Car Pillows : Pillow Advisor
Cool Headrest Cushion. Source :

Besides that, the car cushion can also be used as a head pillow when there is an emergency where we do not bring a pillow to sleep somewhere. This car cushion seems to be a very useful backup. However, not everyone likes the installation of additional accessories behind this neck. Some feel that adding a pillow at the back of the neck will make you unable to relax. different people are certainly different experiences and habits. Of course, a sand truck driver feels no need to put a hello kitty car pillow on his car. While the college student certainly could have liked to put up a car pillow with cute cat pictures as a symbol of the caress of the owner of the car.

Car Pillows : Pillow Advisor
Hello Kitty Pillow Set

Car cushions are also sometimes installed not for convenience, but to please the baby with the cartoon characters he likes. Some even put up the pillow just to show their love for a particular football club or their love for certain organizations. In our opinion, this is legitimate, as long as the contents of the pillow are still soft silicone fiber, not karst or granite.

Well, which group do you belong to? Do you prefer to put a car cushion as an ornament or is it really a booster for your neck while driving? Or perhaps you never have the pillow? Some people prefer to use public or online modes of transportation, you don't need to buy the pillow and then install it, such as you buy a car pillow and then install it to Ride Sharing Cabs. It's just weird.

Car Pillows : Pillow Advisor
Some of Car Pillow. source :

Car cushions will also be very useful such as you often travel far or picnic. When the car stops on the road and you are still very sleepy. You can use that pillow to sleep on the side of the road (in the rest area of ​​the intent). If you are interested in buying it, you can look for it in pillow & doll shops in your city area or in the nearest Car Accessories Shop. Or you can look for it at online outlets in the world of the marketplace, which varies greatly in motives and prices.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The Perfect Pillow Awaits

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The Perfect Pillow Awaits

The Perfect Pillow Awaits

The perfect pillow awaits at Pillowtalk

Lay your head on the pillow it deserves
A comfy pillow is often the key to well-rested sleep, so it’s important to find one that suits. With so many options available, finding the perfect pillow can be difficult – especially when you don’t know where to start.  Never fear! We’ve compiled this easy guide with handy tips to help you find your fit.
Pillow fillings. Synthetic or natural?  Down or feather?  Latex or memory foam?

There is no correct answer – the ideal filling will vary from person to person. There are a variety factors to consider when choosing the right pillow filling – depending on your specific needs for softness, firmness and cost. Natural down and feathers are often touted as the most luxurious options, but these may not suit every budget.  Your best bet is to conduct some research and decide what matters most to you. Is it softness?  Density?  Cost-effectiveness for the entire family?  Make sure you know what you want in a pillow and of course, feel free to see our comparison page

Is it time for a new pillow?

To ensure good hygiene, your pillow should ideally be replaced every six months, and most definitely every 2 years.  While dust mites don’t pose a dangerous health risk or cause disease, they can trigger allergies in as many as two thirds of people.  You don’t want to be sharing your bed with the mites that make a home in your pillow, so we recommend airing you pillows when you change your bed linen, washing your pillows (following their special care instructions) and replacing them at least every 18 months. See this page for complete information.

Personalize your pillow choice for the best possible sleep
At Pillow Talk, they pride ourselves on being pillow specialists.  They stock a wide range of pillows:
1. Synthetic Goods Pillow
2. Feather & Down Pillow
3. Latex Pillow
4. Memory Foam Pillow
5. Wool Filled Pillow

The Perfect Pillow Awaits

source image :

Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 3

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 0
Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 3
Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 3

Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 3

Back again we meet in the discussion of unique pillows. Connecting from the previous section, we will show you some information that we think is appropriate to deliver here because of the uniqueness of the pillow shapes we found. Let's talks one by one.

1. Puzzle Cushion
the pillows are very unique, the shape is exactly like the usual puzzle we play. Even this pillow can be used to play the puzzle, however because of the small amount, the game would be boring. This pillow can be used for children's toys and can also be used as a bedding. Because of the number of more than one, has a set of these pillows can be used to share with others. 

Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 3
Puzzle Cushions
2. Fruit Pillow
a set of these fruity pillows seems to be good to eat, but it certainly can not happen. These pillows are only to be placed as a room decorator or as a tool to beautify the atmosphere of the living room or family room. This pillow can also be used as a bedding or just for toys of small children.

Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 3
Fruit Pillows
3. Shrimp Pillow
This shrimp-shaped pillow is a creative form of a neck pillow. But some people do not like the form of shrimp, because the shrimp was fishy impression. Some children may be afraid of the shrimp shape, but after all, this shrimp-shaped neck pillow is very cool and creative. But look out, when you use this pillow, there may be fishing nets will catch you. 

Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 3
Shrimp Neck Pillow
4. Shark Pillows
A pillow shape that is very creative and interesting. Shark pillow shapes can be used for bedding, playing games and as a tool for prank. This pillow can swallow you like a real shark. Maybe you can get into the shark's stomach in a very cold weather.

Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 3
Shark Pillow
5. Emoji Pillow
For those of you who like to have an online conversation, you must understand about emoji. Emoji is a shortcut to represent a person's reaction in response to something. Emoji form can vary, there are sad, happy, laugh, think, and others. This pillow can symbolize your mood. 

Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 3
Emoji Pillow
6. Sushi Pillow
This pillow shaped japanese typical food, namely Sushi. The shape varies according to your favorite Sushi. But remember, this is just a pillow, do not eat it or combined with sake.

Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 3
Sushi Pillow
7. Tetris Pillow
This form of tetris pillow like the existing blocks in the tetris game. You can use it to play tetris but limited, no level of game you have to conquer. Almost similar to the puzzle pillow in terms of numbers and can be played with family or friends.

Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 3
Tetris Pillow
8. Chips Container Pillow
This pillow is actually an ordinary pillow, just a pillowcase that is made to resemble a container of chips. Even though the shape is close to the original, you can not open it and take the chips to eat.

Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 3
Chips Container Pillow


Saturday, 7 July 2018

Celebrities Carrying A Pillow

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Celebrities Carrying A Pillow
Celebrities With Pillow

Celebrities With Pillow

For someone who likes to travel far, adequate rest and soundly is needed. Especially if he/she is an artist or celebrity who has a very rigid entertainment schedule. The need for a good rest becomes a much-needed thing for those who have extraordinary busyness. 

Celebrities With Pillow
Liv Tyler carrying a pillow
Sometimes, when traveling by means of transportation both land and air, is a good time to rest before the start of the event that has been waiting. take a break while traveling is not as comfortable as when in a hotel or at home. Seating positions while traveling either in a car, train or plane are not as comfortable as being on a mattress. But resting yourself must be forced to keep the physical condition of the prime body to undergo the activities that have been waiting.

Celebrities With Pillow
Alyssa Milano carrying a pillow
Usually, the artist or celebrity is extraordinarily busy overcome with a pillow of their own when on the trip. They do not want to feel the head is dizzy or wake up condition in a headache because not wearing the right headrests. They are often caught carrying a neck pillow as a 'friend' while they are resting themselves on the journey. There are also carrying conventional pillows. Because after all, when we are used to sleep / rest with a pillow attached to the head, then being forced to sleep without a pillow, it will feel uncomfortable, sometimes when wake up, head becomes so dizzy.

Celebrities With Pillow
Giselle Bundchen carrying a conventional pillow
Sleeping on the road (especially in the car) if without using a pillow will also feel very uncomfortable. The head shifts right and left follows the direction of the car turning, then if the head is too long bent to the right / left, when waking up, it can cause extraordinary aches. For this reason, they mostly use a neck pillow, with the aim to minimize the pain that arises when they wake up from sleep while traveling.

Celebrities With Pillow
Leonardo di Caprio carrying a neck pillow
Another case if they travel using a means of transportation like a private jet that has bedroom facilities. Of course there is no need to bring a pillow. But if traveling by a car, then bring a pillow as a tool headrests is very important.

Celebrities With Pillow
Ed Sheeran with blue neck pillow
Do you feel that way too? If you feel the same, then you are gifted to be an artist / celebrity.

source :,,

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

How To Clean A Pillow

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How To Clean A Pillow
How To Clean A Pillow

How To Clean A Pillow

I asked you how many times have you cleaned the pillow in the past? Not just the pillowcase. There are important things we want to inform you. Actually, pillows are also important to be cleaned regularly, so as not to cause bad things. Pillowcase, usually washed periodically, to clean from the rest of the dead skin cells, and body sweat. Pillows should also be washed to clean it from dust, bacteria and dust mites. Which of these things can cause itching, skin diseases and respiratory allergies. If it is never cleaned, the pillow can become dirty and grungy because of the amount of dirt that sticks. For that we suggest you also must clean / wash your pillow at least 3-4 months and change pillow every 3-4 years. 

Here's how to clean the pillow so you can sleep soundly every day without worrying will be disturbed by the risk of disease and respiratory problems. But before doing the process, you should pay attention to tags / labels on the pillow (if any). Follow the washing instructions. Each pillow varies in treatment depending on the material / contents in the pillow. 

How To Clean A Pillow
Pillows Tag

How to Clean the Pillow contains Kapok

Pillow containing Kapok / Cotton can not be washed either by machine or hand, if you recklessly wash it, pillow containing kapok will be damaged and will lose kesempukannya. Pillows become too thin and not comfortable to wear. Treatment of this kind of Pillow just drying in the sun alone to heat with the intention that germs / bacteria die overheating. Then, hit the pillow several times with a batter to remove the dust inside the cotton. If there are stains attached to be cleaned, just wash with a washing tool such as a brush and detergent in a tarnished place, without having to wet the whole pillow. 

How to clean Pillows containing Foam / Memory Foam

Pillows containing foam can not be washed with a washing machine, even if you force washing, the risk of foam pillows will quickly break down and fall out. Cleaning of foam pillows can by dipping the foam into water that has been given detergent. The most effective way to clean the foam pillow is the pillowcase is washed as usual but the contents (foam) is quite cleaned by using vacuum to suck the dust stuck on the sidelines of his sponge. 

How To Clean A Pillow
Drying a pillow. Photo :

How to clean Pillows containing Down / Feathers

Pillows containing feathers may be washed but have to use hand or manual, not with machine. The use of the machine will damage the shape of a feather cushion. The pillowcases can be washed by machine, while the pillow itself must be using manual methods. The drying process can use solar heat, or wind. The process of cleaning the feather pillows will be more leverage in such a way as cleaning the kapok pillow. Pillows contain feathers can easily damaged when frequently washed with water. 

How to clean pillow containing Latex, Water and Air.

Pillows containing latex, have different ways to clean it. Look at the care instructions listed in the tags / labels. Some can be washed / dyed and some should not be washed. Generally latex-laced pillows do not need to be washed, simply cleaned manually. The latex pillowcases can be washed as usual. As for the Health Pillows such as water-filled cushions and air pillows, also do not need to be washed, and the use of pillows are also not every day. The contents of the pillow is also not washable. What can be washed only the cases that is usually made from rubber / plastic. The health / therapy pillow is usually integrated with electricity, so it should not be washed, especially with a washing machine.
How To Clean A Pillow
Aman washing a pillow

How to clean pillow containing micro fiber / silicone fiber

Well, only this pillow that can be washed by machine and human hand. However, you should follow the instructions in the tag / pillow label. In general, almost all cushions containing washable fiber silicon. Here are ways to wash the pillow

1. Prepare compatible detergent, soda powder, deodorizer and washing machine.
2. Turn on the washing machine in settings for maximum load. If possible, set to hot water mode. Wash two standard size pillows (45x65) in a washing machine all at once.
3. Add detergent and 1/2 cup powdered soda. Detergent and Soda powder can help lift stains that stick and whiten the pillow.
4. Add deodorizer into the washing machine for a fragrant pillow.
5. After the washing machine stops working, dry the pillow. Try not to dry with heat (hot dryer). We recommend that the cushion is dried manually only, dried in sunlight in sufficient time to dry it, because if left too hot,  it will damage the silicon fiber. Drying by machine sometimes damages the shape of the pillow. If you wash it manually, it does not need to be squeezed until it is twisted, as it damages the shape of the pillow.

How To Clean A Pillow
Cleaning two standard pillows at once
To find out when to change the pillow, fold the pillow, then remove it. If the pillow back to normal means the pillow is still in good condition, the pillow does not need to be replaced. If the cushion remains in a folded or very slow position in its inflating process to normal shape, it is time to replace the new pillow. However this does not apply to the cotton pillow, foam and latex. Do not fold the latex pillow, just to measure the life time of its replacement.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Water-filled Pillow

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Water-filled Pillow
Water-filled Pillow

Water-filled Pillow

Nowadays, variant of pillow more various, not only solid material that can be made of pillow core material. Pillows can now be filled with air or liquid. Water Pillow is a water-filled cushion that is uniquely designed in various motifs and colors, using high quality plastic or rubber materials, so the water inside the cushion does not leak, does not evaporate, and water temperature can be more assured.
The use of water-filled cushion is mostly done in the health field. Because the pillow with the water material, the temperature is relatively lower than the human body. The use of water-filled cushions is usually to lower body temperature or to transform the cool temperature of the pillow to the body. In addition to seeking coolness from water, the use of these pillows is more often applied to people who have spinal problems, back pain, diabetes and trauma injuries (ulcers). However, normal or healthy people can use this water pillow to get the sensation of coolness from the water.

Water-filled Pillow
Water-filled Pillows construction are structurally similar to air cushions. Made of plastic / rubber base material. Water-filled cushions when not in use can be folded and stored with minimal storage space. If you want to use, just filled it with water.
Some benefits of a water cushion
  • Normalize body temperature
  • Reduce headache during sleep
  • Reduce the potential for widening wounds in diabetics
As technology advances. Pillows are made with combination materials, water / gel / liquid with other materials, such as foam or latex. In the structure, usually the gel is located in the bottom layer or inside the pillow core.

Now even there is a hot water cushion (electric heating) that usually its use as a tool of health therapy. The cushion that containing the water can be heated when it is connected to an electricity. 

Water-filled Pillow
Some Benefits of Hot Water Pillows
  • Smooth blood circulation in the treated part of the body.
  • Reduce the pain / stiff at waist, stomach, back etc.
  • Warm the body
Now just choose which one do you need? Ordinary Water-filled Pillows or Electric Heating Pillows? If you are healthy, you just use a conventional pillow ordinary of course.

Air Pillows (Inflating Cushions)

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Air Pillows (Inflating Cushions)

Air Pillows

Air Pillows (Inflating Cushions)

You often fall asleep when traveling? Sleeping with an uncomfortable position can make the body achy when awake, other than body, neck was also sick because of its position is not right when sleeping. With current technological advances, it can be minimized by using flexible cushions. That is an air cushion, an air-filled cushion. 

Using a simple air cushion and minimal storage space, you can avoid the problems caused by not using a sleeping pillow which does not find a flat surface for leaning head.

Air Pillows
Common Air Pillow
This pillow was created for those of you who do not want the hassle of carrying a conventional pillow. For the adventurers, traveler or backpacker who always carry a minimum of luggage, air pillow is the perfect solution.

This pillow is very flexible, when the pillow is not used, this pillow can be folded and stored with neat and minimal storage. When the pillow is used, you just blow it. You can adjust hard or soft pillow as needed. The air pillows are also very light, even lighter than a pillow containing goose feathers. The design varies from start like a pillow shape in general until there is a pillow-shaped neck

Air Pillows
Neck Air Pillow
Excellence Air pillow :
1. Lightweight and durable
2. Can be folded when not in use
3. Air filling does not require a tool
4. Anti bacteria, bacteria and dust mites
5. Can be washed
6. Does not cause allergies, odors and fungus
7. Easy to carry anywhere.

Weakness of air pillow
1. Made of hot plastic material for scalp.
2. Not soft and too bouncing.
3. The price is relatively expensive.
4. If leaking can not be fixed.

Air Pillows
Non-Plastic Surface Air Pillow
Currently also available air mattress, but the difference with the pillow, for the mattress usually requires a pump to fill the wind. Of course, because the volume of air needed mattress is bigger than the pillow. Well, if you like to travel or often leave the city, this pillow will be right to accompany you everywhere. Because proper rest and quality sleep, is a very important thing.

Friday, 8 June 2018

How To Eliminate Wrinkles On Face Caused By Pillow

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How To Eliminate Wrinkles On Face Caused By Pillow
How To Eliminate Wrinkles On Face Caused By Pillow

How To Eliminate Wrinkles On Face Caused By Pillow

When you wake up try to look in the mirror, sometimes there are traces of fabric texture or pillow that is left on your face. This is called a wrinkles on face. It would be very disturbing to your appearance right? wrinkles that usually appear because our face is attached to the surface of the pillow or mattress is not flat, or folded fabric. Because the process is long enough, it causes scars on the facial skin. Prone sleeping position will more often raise the problem than the supine sleeping position.

How To Eliminate Wrinkles On Face Caused By Pillow
Wrinkles On Face Caused By Pillow
When people sleep with a position attached to the surface of the pillow or mattress, then the air circulation is also reduced considerably. The skin cells that are supposed to operate normally become depressed by the folded fabric causing skin cell swelling. Skin cells contain fluid that acts as a cushion to make skin look full. As you burrow your face into the pillow for a long time, the fluid in the skin cells is absorbed by the body. So, once you wake up, skin cells gradually swell as most liquids. This is what causes wrinkles or creases on the face, says Lydia Evan, Dermatologist in Chappaqua, New York. Sleeping habits with faces face down or closed from the air circulation will more quickly encourage skin rupture and trigger the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face. Meanwhile, if you sleep in a sloping position to the right or to the left will make your face closed or depressed partial pillow.
Here are 4 ways to remove :

1. Wash With Water.
Wash your face with warm water or water with normal temperature, continue with massaging (upwards) slowly on the face with a moisturizer. Warm water speeds up the flow of blood to the folded areas of the skin. While the moisturizing function is to restore the skin moisture to normal. While massaging it slowly helps eliminate wrinkles on the skin manually and naturally.

2. Good Sleeping Position.
Do not get used to sleeping on your side, sideways, or on your stomach. Because sleeping in such a position is potentially face closed or stick / tap the surface of the pillow or mattress. Instead, sleep on your back to keep skin healthy, get a good air circulation and get the oxygen inhalation to the maximum.

3. Pick a Smooth and soft Pillowcases.
Another way to avoid facial wrinkles while sleeping is to use satin or silk pillowcases instead of cotton. Pillowcases with subtle material avoid faces wrinkled, although expensive you should use them because it will affect your appearance. The shape and size of the pillowcases also have an effect. The size of a pillowcase that is too large can cause folds on the fabric. The tassel or embroidered shape of the pillowcase can also cause wrinkles problems.

How To Eliminate Wrinkles On Face Caused By Pillow
Smooth Pillowcases
4. Picking the Right Pillow.
Tenderness or cushion density also affects the occurrence of pillow lines on your face. Pillow hard material has the potential to make the face more easily wrinkled. That is because, when there are folds of pillowcases, the lines exposed to the skin will be deeper. Pillows with material of goose or silicone hair are less likely to cause facial creases than solid textured materials such as foam.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Pillows Construction

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Pillows Construction
Pillows Construction
Pillows Construction Illustration

  Pillows Construction

Do you have a pillow? if you have, do you know the contents or material from the pillow? what materials do you use to wrap the pillow you use? Let's discuss one by one in order for you to understand about the stuff you use as your sleeping companion every day.

1. Pillows Construction : Material

A pillow must have its contents. The contents of the pillow used for sleeping, usually made of kapoks, foams, goose hairs, silicone fibers, or latex. There is a pillow that contains Straw, Straw-filled Pillow is the most traditional method used by the people of ancient Europe, but the straw filled pillow is not comfortable to use and its rarely used today. There is a pillow contains a piece of pipette, there is also a pillow that contains pieces of cloth. 

Pillows Construction
Pillows Construction : Goose Down Materials
Asians use Kapok as the contents of their pillows. In some parts of the world, some use animal fur as the contents of the pillows they wear, can be goose down or goat wool, but usage of wool is unusual. Feather or down is the material of the pillow that soft and most comfortable. This material gives softness to its users. While currently the most widely used is a pillow containing silicon fibers. Pillows containing silicone fibers provide comfort and have the ability to customize the shape desired by the user. For more details you can read an article that discusses the history of pillow use and the difference in pillow content material.

2. Pillows Construction : Shape

Modern sleeping pillows are generally rectangular, while the sofa cushions are square shaped. But that is not a actual, because human creativity is unlimited. Now there is a pillow shaped like rocks, fruits, foods, animals until there is a female leg shaped pillow (Read more here). There are also neck pillows, pregnant pillows, baby pillows, and various other health cushions.

Pillows Construction : Shape
Pillows Construction : Some Creative Pillows Shape

3. Pillows Construction : Size

The size of the pillow is different. There are standard, there is a mini (baby pillow), there is also a jumbo pillow, but commonly used for sleeping today is usually measuring 40x60cm, 45x65cm or 50x70cm. For sofa cushions usually size 40x40cm, 45x45cm or custom according to the manufacturer's wishes.

4. Pillows Construction : Filling Hole 

On each pillow there must be a gap to insert the pillow during the making. Well, usually to close the gap after inserting the pillow material, the pillow is closed with sewn. But there is also a zipper. Pillows fitted with zipper usually contain rigid materials such as foam or latex.

5. Pillow Construction : Case

No one knows when it started, usage of pillowcase began to be used by mankind as a functioning container for the durability and cleanliness of the pillows. Pillow without wrapping tend to get dirty faster. It will be easier to wash the pillow case instead of having to wash the pillows. Moreover, a Kapok or Goose feather Pillow, can not be washed, because it can damage the durability of the pillow.

Pillows Construction
Pillows Construction : The Vary of  Modern Pillow Shape
Pillow or Cushion is wrapped in a case, or the term "pillowcase", which is usually made of cloth. The material of pillowcases can be cotton, flannel, velboa, rasfur fabric, woven fabric, ikat, leather and so on, depending on the type of pillow utility. Some pillows have cover sheets on all sides and have a gap in the back as a way to insert pillows. Motifs of pillowcases can be various. There is a picture, embroidered, sewing, there is also a traditional motifs as an image of the pillow.
There are two types of pillow formats in general, namely pillowcases that have zippers, and pillowcases that use one side open. Although in general the form of pillowcases is to follow the shape of the pillow, but the design is various, there are appropriate rectangular cushion box size, some use the list, there are pleated, there are also using sewing or embroidery variations.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The History of Pillow

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The History of Pillow
The History of Pillow

  The History of Pillow.

The history of the Pillow can not be separated from the history of human civilization itself. Humans are looking for ways to give comfort to the way they rest. According to various sources, the first group of people to use pillows were in the Mesopotamian region, in the period 7000 BC. The use of pillows change the way humans sleep, while sleeping does not use headrests. At that time, the use of pillows to sleep was only certain circles, especially the rich and fortunate. The amount of ownership of the pillow is a symbol of the status of the prosperity of the owner.

Use of Pillows in ancient Egypt.

In Egypt, the use of pillows has been associated with the phenomenon of preservation of the corpse (mummies) and ancient Egyptian tombs, In the range of 2055-1985 BC. Ancient Egyptian cushion form is stone or wooden headrests. The use of a cushion in Egypt at that time was mostly only to be placed under the head of a corpse, because the human head was regarded as the essence of life and sacred. The ancient Egyptians used wooden or stone pillows to wedge the heads of the dead. Then the pillow is also used by living humans as a means to restore the strength of the body, maintain blood circulation, and keep it from the distraction of evil creatures.

The History of Pillow

Use of Pillows In ancient Europe.

The Romans and Greeks from ancient Europe created the soft cushions. The material from the pillows used as a backrest to sleep, filled with reeds, feathers, and straw to make their sleeps softer and more comfortable. Nevertheless, still only upper-class people have pillows. People in ancient Europe started using pillows when going to church to kneel in prayer and to be placed in scripture. This is a tradition that still lives to this day. In addition, the Romans and Greeks used their pillows by placing the pillow under the heads of the dead as in ancient Egypt.

Use of Pillows In ancient China.

Chinese peoples use pillows made of various materials including bamboo, jade, porcelain, wood, and bronze. At that time, the use of porcelain cushion is the most popular. The use of porcelain cushions appeared first in the Sui Dynasty between 581 and 618. While mass production of porcelain cushions appeared in the Tang Dynasty between the years 618 and 907. Chinese adorn their pillows by varying forms or by painting animals, humans and plant. Ancient Chinese porcelain cushions reached peak usage during the Song, Jin, and Yuan dynasties reigned between the 10th and 14th centuries, but gradually began to disappear during the Ming and Qing dynasty between 1368 and 1911 with the creation of better-made pillows .

Use of Pillows in Medieval Age. 

Until the medieval age in Europe, the pillow is still a marker of social status of society. Only upper middle class people (bourgeois) who use this sleeping supplement. However, this perception was undermined by King Henry VII of the United Kingdom. He forbade everyone to wear pillows except women who are pregnant. Men who continue to wear pillows are regarded as weak men. But the rule began to fade by itself in the 19th century. Pillow is a good tool as an addition to sleeping human sleep in general.
The History of Pillow

Giacomo Cerutti - Women Working on Pillow Lace (The Sewing School)

Use of Pillows in Modern times. 

The longer, the more modern humans in creating activities that facilitate his life. Humans begin to creatively determine what materials are comfortable for their sleep needs. However, in reality there are differences in the use of pillow material in different parts of the world. In the Asian Continent, people use cotton / kapok as material for their pillows. In Europe people use wool, goose hair or straw bonds. Until finally in the 20th century humans have been able to create foam, fiber and silicon fiber latex as a substitute for materials derived from nature. Until now, soft cushions have been mass produced with various raw materials of foam, goose feather, silicone fiber and others. Currently, the use of cotton / kapok based pillow is lessened due to the lack of raw materials and side effects of less support for human health.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 2

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Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 2

Continuing form part one whose discuss about the various shape of unique decorative pillows that ever existed. Maybe you will interested to buy it or produce it yourself. Please remember, this is just a review, we do not make or sell it. These various shape that we found, then we summarized it all on several page for you to see and compare easily. Hopefully you can find a kind of pillow that  suitable as a decoration of the living room or just for your collection.

Unique Decorative Pillows, Part 2

Pillow Advisor Net
11. Rock River Pillow
Stone-like pillow is very artistic shape, When placed in the living room, or open space. If placed in open space then the pillow will be similar to real rocks. But are you sure you will leave it in the open space? Surely it will wet by the rain and will be taken away janitor.

Pillow Advisor Net
 12. Alphabet Cushion
The alphabet pillow is a pretty cool decorative pillow to display in the living room. The shape can fit the alphabet we want. Usually we will buy the pillow according to the initials of our name or our spouse, then combined as a form of reminder. For those of you who have a partner, using the initial partner's alphabet pillow will certainly be special. even it become reversed, that's not a problem. It would be problematic if you buy this alphabet cushion only the letters that make up the insult.

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 13. Iphone Cushion
This iPhone-shaped pillow is actually ordinary, there is nothing artistic because it is like a candy bar. However, these pillows can be taken traveling, can be used for the base of the head while sleeping like a regular pillow or You can used it for pillow fights. This pillow can not be dialed, making a sounds, vibrates, reads SMS, and make a call to our loved ones.

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 14. Cupcake Pillows
This cake pillow is a nice pillow for decorating the room. It looks like a cake that looks really good to eat, though you can not eat it. But if this pillow is used for your daily sleep, we feared that the activity will fade the color, then the beauty of the pillow will be lost. So just make this pillow as Cupcakes.

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15. Guitar Pillow
This pillow is perfect for those of you who want to be rock-star. This pillow can be used as a decoration or as a dummy to make it look like you are playing real guitar. As a rock-star wanna be, you should take this wherever you go, show the public that you are a real musician, judging by your love of headrests while sleeping, in the form of a guitar and amps.

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16. Trees Pillow
Pillow shaped pieces of this tree trunk will be quite comfortable if used as a bolster but not for use as a pillow. If the number is enough, it will look as cool as being in the logging area. Suitable for decorating the room, but do not get caught woodpecker birds, he will hollow it.

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 17. Watermelon Cushion
The pillows are similar to pieces of watermelon fruit is pretty cool. Can be used as a pillow ornament in the middle room or used as a head rest while sleeping. The color of fresh red is very pleasing to the eye. Do not be afraid to use it, this pillow will not make you wet or visited by a group of ants

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18. Comfortable Cushion
This unique pillow looks like a half-male body. For those of you who are not a couple or hate with men, this pillow can be a good entertainer friend. This pillow can give you mans arm to lean on, though he will not comfort you with words of wisdom. A cool alternative

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19. The Fried Egg pillows
This fried egg-shaped pillow is certainly not good to use as a headrest. This pillow is only suitable for decoration of the living room. Because the color is white, this pillow is prone to dirty, so you have extra care. This pillow is not fat but thin, how could a fried egg in the form of thick?

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20. Star Cushion
This room decorative pillow looks very sweet when placed in the right place when combined with the existing sofa color. This pillow is also the right pillow to use as a head rest while sleeping. this cushion though not cute, will be enough people who will hug it tightly.

To be Continued