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Healthy Air Pillows (Inflating Cushions)

Air Pillows (Inflating Cushions)

You often fall asleep when traveling? Sleeping with an uncomfortable position can make the body achy when awake, other than body, neck was also sick because of its position is not right while sleeping. With current technological advances, it can be minimized by using flexible cushions. That is an air pillows, an air-filled cushion.
Using a simple healthy air pillows with a minimal storage space, you can avoid the problems caused by not using a sleeping pillow which does not find a flat surface for leaning head.
Air Pillows
Common Air Pillow
This pillow was created for those of you who do not want the hassle of carrying a conventional pillow. For the adventurers, traveler or backpacker who always carry a minimum of luggage, air pillow is the perfect solution.

Use of Air Pillow

This pillow is very flexible, when not in used, this pillow can be fold and stored with neat and minimal storage. When the pillow is use, you can just blow it. You can adjust hard or soft pillow as needed. The air pillows are also very light, even lighter than a pillow containing goose feathers. The design varies from start like a pillow shape in general until there is a pillow-shaped neck
Air Pillows
Neck Air Pillow

Excellence Healthy Air pillows :

1. Lightweight and durable
2. Can be fold when not in use
3. Air filling does not require a tool
4. Anti bacteria, bacteria and dust mites
5. Can be wash
6. Does not cause allergies, odors and fungus
7. Easy to carry anywhere.

Weakness of air pillow

1. Made of hot plastic material for scalp.
2. Not soft and too bouncing.
3. The price is relatively expensive.
4. If leaking can not be fixed.
Air Pillows
Non-Plastic Surface Air Pillow
Currently also available air mattress, but the difference with the pillow, for the mattress usually requires a pump to fill the wind. Of course, because the volume of air needed mattress is bigger than the pillow. Well, if you like to travel or often leave the city, this pillow will be right to go with you everywhere. Because proper rest and quality sleep, is a very important thing. Don’t like air pillows? you can try water-filled pillows.
Air Pillows

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