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The Basic Car Pillows

Often drive? Often experience a stiff neck? Maybe something is wrong with the way you drive. maybe your driving position is less ergonomic, so that it creates tension in the veins which causes the neck to stiffen. The position of someone driving a car is really nothing that is right for each person. There are those who like to stand up, Some like to lean back, and some are moving forward. Delicious and not depending on each and of course also depends on the type of car. That’s why we talk about car pillows.

Car Pillows : Pillow Advisor

Car Pillows and their use.

Well, we will just try to help, who knows with these tips, you will be more concentrated and more comfortable in holding the steering wheel control. Try to install Car Pillows or Car Headrest Pillow. By providing additional accessories, this can be a little relax the muscles behind your body. Especially when your driving position is leaning backwards. If you are in an upright driving position, of course you don’t need to add to this car pillow accessories.



In all factory-produced cars, especially the new output, almost all of the headrests are somewhat protruding forward and leave a little room behind the nape of the neck. Sometimes for people who have a height of more than 175 cm, it is rather difficult if you want to lie down. By attaching a car cushion, the blank space will fill and make the cross section more comfortable.


Car Pillows : Pillow Advisor
Cool Headrest Cushion. Source :


Use of Car Pillow

Besides that, the car pillows can also be used as a head pillow when there is an emergency where we do not bring a pillow to sleep somewhere. This car cushion seems to be a very useful backup. However, not everyone likes the installation of additional accessories behind this neck. Some feel that adding a pillow at the back of the neck will make you unable to relax. Different people are certainly different experiences and habits. Of course, a sand truck driver feels no need to put a hello kitty car pillow on his car. While the college student certainly could have liked to put up a car pillow with cute cat pictures as a symbol of the caress of the owner of the car.


Car Pillows : Pillow Advisor
Hello Kitty Pillow Set


Car pillows are also sometimes installed not for convenience, but to please the baby with the cartoon characters he likes. Some even put up the pillow just to show their love for a particular football club or their love for certain organizations. In our opinion, this is legitimate, as long as the contents of the pillow are still soft silicone fiber, not karst or granite.

Car pillow and restness

Well, which group do you belong to? Do you prefer to put a car cushion as an ornament? or is it really a booster for your neck while driving? Or perhaps you never have the pillow? Some people prefer to use public or online modes of transportation. You don’t need to buy the pillow and then install it. For example : you buy a car pillow and then install it to Ride Sharing Cabs. It’s just weird.


Car Pillows : Pillow Advisor
Some of Car Pillow. source :
Car cushions will also be very useful such as you often travel far or picnic. When the car stops on the road and you are still very sleepy. You can use that pillow to sleep on the side of the road (in the rest area of ​​the intent). If you are interested in buying it, you can look for it in pillow & doll shops in your city area or in the nearest Car Accessories Shop. You can also look for it at online outlets in the internet marketplace, which varies greatly in motives and prices.

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