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Gorgeous Celebrities with Pillow

Celebrities With Pillow

For someone who likes to travel far, adequate rest and soundly is needed. Especially if he/she is an artist or celebrity who has a very rigid entertainment schedule. The need for a good rest becomes a much-needed thing for those who have extraordinary business.

Celebrities With Pillow
Liv Tyler carrying a pillow

Sometimes, when traveling by means of transportation both land and air, is a good time to rest before the start of the event that has been waiting. take a break while traveling is not as comfortable as when in a hotel or at home. Seating positions while traveling either in a car, train or plane are not as comfortable as being on a mattress. But resting yourself must be forced to keep the physical condition of the prime body to undergo the activities that have been waiting.


celebrity with pillow
Alyssa Milano carrying a pillow

Usually, the artist or celebrity is extraordinarily busy overcome with a pillow of their own when on the trip. They do not want to feel the head is dizzy or wake up condition in a headache because not wearing the right headrests. The celebrities are often caught carrying a neck pillow as a ‘friend’ while they are resting themselves on the journey.

There are also carrying conventional pillows. Because after all, when we are used to sleep or rest with a pillow attached to the head, then being forced to sleep without a pillow, it will feel uncomfortable. Sometimes when you wake up, head becomes so dizzy. That’s why celebrities with pillow is a real story.


Giselle Bundchen
Giselle Bundchen carrying a conventional pillow

Celebrities with pillow : Mostly use a neck pillow

Sleeping on the road (especially in the car) if without using a pillow will also feel very uncomfortable. The head shifts right and left, follows the direction of the car turning. Then, if the head is too long bent to the right or left, when waking up, it can cause extraordinary aches. For this reason, they mostly use a neck pillow, with the aim to minimize the pain that arises when they wake up from sleep while traveling.


Leonardo di Caprio
Leonardo di Caprio carrying a neck pillow

Another case if they travel using a means of transportation like a private jet that has bedroom facilities. Of course there is no need to bring a pillow. But if traveling by a car, then bring a pillow as a tool headrests is very important.


Celebrities With Pillow
Ed Sheeran with blue neck pillow

Do you feel that way too? If you feel the same, then you are gift to be an artist / celebrity.

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