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Couch Pillow : Choosing The Right Formula

Couch Pillow is very diverse in their materials, colors, and patterns. In order to appear harmonious, you must be smart to choose and adapt it to the design space. Its important because the wrong step in choosing ability, its will make a bad ambiance for your room appearance.
Couch Pillow

Lets Choose The Right Couch Pillow For Your Room

Couch Pillow Composition

Comfort is the main things that should be in the living room. Similarly, the style of the interior should also consider the convenience for its users. To maintain comfort, you should choose a sofa cushion with a soft material and hard to deflated. By choosing hard to deflated materials means choose a durable material.
The composition are soft and inflated pillow material, such as foam, fur, silicon fiber silicon or goose down. But the foam was one of the three materials that have the best quality because the foam has the flexible characteristics and hard to deflation material. For the cases, you can choose a soft material, easy to clean, and sweat absorb fabric . For example you can use cotton fabric as a pillow cases.

Pillow Size

Adjust the pillow cases with existing furniture models. Some forms of furniture are fit accompanies by fat cushions, like a big sofa or a long chair. But, there are types of chairs that are more suitable to be accompanied by long shaped cushions like Bolsters, for example, minimalist sofa with no backrest. You should put the largest cushion as a background for the sofa.
You can choose a patterned motifs or plain. Then you can put a medium-sized seat cushion in front of a large cushion. From behind the largest, then lined up to medium size to the smallest. Through this size composition position, then the placement of a cushion will look nice in the eye. What you should not forget is that you have to matching the motifs and colors of all the cushions from big, medium, to small.



Pillow Color 

You are free to determine the color and motif of the pillow cases, However, it needs to be adjusting whether the pillows color match the color scheme of the ambient space? The matching colors would be safer. For example, If you have a pink color wall, then the cushions will be suited if derived from red color, like maroon. In the dominant room of chocolate, You can just put a contrasted rainbow-colored cushions. The color of the cushion should also be in harmony with the covers of the sofa. You can specify one whole color or pick a color gradation style.

Couch Pillow Motives

It is also necessary to pay attention for  the motive of the pillowcase fabric. Motives in a room space can be from many elements, such as wallpaper, seats, curtains, or the carpet on the floor. Cushions motives surely can be taken from one of the elements. For room space that has a lot of motives, you should choose a plain pillow for the best result.
Otherwise, in a room that tends to be plain, patterned pillows can be represent as an element to steal the show. You can not carelessly put a seat cushion unless you want the appearance of a messy living room. Remember, the cushion became one of the important elements that can affect the appearance of the living room. For Catch-eye designs, pillows can be presents as accents .

Couch Pillow Shape

By choosing the unique design of the couch cushion, it will give a different impression in the living room. it can also be some decorative accessories, so that the look of the living room will be more beautiful than as used to be. In general, living room couch cushions have a standard shape like a box, but if you feel bored with the standard shape, you can use different pillows than usual like a funny animal shape, cartoon character, food shape, emoticon shape and much more. In addition, you can also use a pictorial pillowcase. You can use your own baby photos, then you can print it to your cases as a pillow cover.


Couch Pillow

Lets give it a try at home.

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