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4 Comfortable Fabric Material For Pillowcases

Material for Pillow Cases : 4 Comfortable fabric

Sleep is a daily routine that is carrying out by everyone. This activity can also restore body fitness. Only quality sleep can make the body fit again. So, how do you make quality sleep? One way that can be use to make a good night’s sleep is by choosing a right pillow cover fabric or a comfortable pillowcase. If the ingredients used are rough and hot, it will certainly make sleeping uncomfortable and your sleep will be disturbed.

Material for Pillowcases

Various Pillow Cases for Comfortable Sleep

The following list of pillowcase materials that are most comfortable to use for you, to get a comfortable and healthy sleep:

  • Silk material

Silk cloth itself comes from natural fibers produced by silk cocoons. This fabric texture is soft and luxurious. In addition, pillowcases that use silk can maintain the beauty and softness of the face. This is because the face is not rubbed hard on the fabric layer, so that the skin of the face is maintaining very well. This pillow case material does not absorb the face or head moisture, so it is not prone to acne and dandruff. Silk material is also suitable for people who have sensitive skin.

Material for Pillowcases

  • Cotton

The next pillow wrapper is cotton. Cotton, of course, everyone knows it. This material is convenient to use for pillowcases while sleeping. Besides being soft, Cotton also has good absorption so that the sweat that appears during sleep and does not make a hot. Currently on the market, there are various types of cotton fabrics that you can choose as a material for pillow covers. There are Japanese cotton, Korean cotton, cheap Chinese cotton and many more.

Pillow cases

  • Velvet

Velvet is also commonly known as velvet fabric, which is originally made of silk. However, nowadays velvet fabric is a mixture of a cotton and a polyester or a nylon. This fabric is not a bit far from the cotton, which is smooth and can absorb sweat very good. So, fabric material like velvet is quite suitable for use as a sleeping pillowcase.

Red Pillow

  • Linen

Another basic ingredient is Linen. This fabric is a material that is quite often use for pillow cases. The smoothness of this fabric makes many people use it, even if not for everyday use. Linen is also relatively cold, not hot, and Linen can absorb sweat well too.

Material for Pillow cases

Other types of fabric are used as material for pillowcases

However, in reality, there are many different types of pillow wrapping cloth. Such as Satin, Flannel, Rayon, Poly (polyester), Canvas, Batik, and even Leather.  Of course, the various uses of the fabric depend on its functions. But the one that best fits for the pillowcase is what has been explain above.

So, that’s a review of the recommended pillow wrap fabric for your wellness sleeping. Material For Pillow Cases certainly affects comfort when you are sleeping. Choosing a good ingredients can keep the beauty of the face, and make your hear healthy and clean. Which one do you want to choose? we hope this article may be useful for you.

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