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How to Clean A Pillow, For All Kind of Pillow-Fillings

How To Clean A Pillow

I asked you how many times have you Clean The Pillow in the past? Not just the pillowcase. There are important things we want to inform you. Actually, pillows are also important to be cleaning regularly, so as not to cause bad things. Pillowcase, usually wash periodically, to clean from the rest of the dead skin cells, and body sweat.

wash a pillow
Pillows should also be washed to clean it from dust, bacteria and dust mites. Which of these things can cause itching, skin diseases and respiratory allergies. If it is never cleaned, the pillow can become dirty and grungy because of the amount of dirt that sticks. For that we suggest you also must clean / wash your pillow at least 3-4 months and change pillow every 3-4 years.
Here’s how to clean a pillow so you can sleep soundly every day without worrying will be disturbed by the risk of disease and respiratory problems. But before doing the process, you should pay attention to tags / labels on the pillow (if any). Follow the washing instructions. Each pillow varies in treatment depending on the material / contents in the pillow.


wash a pillow
Pillows Tag

Cleaning a Pillow contains Kapok

Pillow containing Kapok / Cotton can not be wash either by machine or hand, if you recklessly wash it, pillow containing kapok will be get damage and will lose its inclination. Pillows become too thin and not comfortable to wear. Treatment of this kind of Pillow just drying in the sun alone to heat with the intention that germs / bacteria die overheating. Then, hit the pillow several times with a batter to remove the dust inside the cotton. If there are stains attached to be cleaned, just wash with a washing tool such as a brush and detergent in a tarnished place, without having to wet the whole pillow.

Pillows containing Foam / Memory Foam

Pillows containing foam can not be wash with a washing machine, even if you force washing, the risk of foam pillows will quickly break down and fall out. Cleaning of foam pillows can by dipping the foam into water that has been given detergent. The most effective way to clean the foam pillow is the pillowcase is wash as usual but the contents (foam) is quite cleaned by using vacuum to suck the dust stuck on the sidelines of his sponge.


wash a pillow
Drying a pillow. Photo :


Clean a Pillow containing Down / Feathers

Pillows containing feathers may be washed but have to use hand or manual, not with machine. The use of the machine will damage the shape of a feather cushion. The pillowcases can be washes by machine, while the pillow itself must be using manual methods. The drying process can use solar heat, or wind. The process of cleaning the feather pillows will be more leverage in such a way as cleaning the kapok pillow. Pillows contain feathers can easily damaged when frequently washed with water.

Pillow containing Latex, Water and Air.

Pillows containing latex, have different ways to clean it. Look at the care instructions listed in the tags / labels. Some can be wash or dye and some should not be wash. Generally latex-laced pillows do not need to be wash, simply clean it manually. The latex pillowcases can be washes as usual.

As for the Health Pillows such as water-filled cushions and air pillows, also do not need to be wash, and the use of pillows are also not every day. The contents of the pillow is also not washable. What can be wash only the cases that is usually made from rubber or plastic. The health / therapy pillow is usually integrates with electricity, so it should not be wash, especially with a washing machine.

washing machine
A man washing a pillow


Washing Pillow containing micro fiber / silicone fiber

Well, only this pillow that can be wash by machine and human hand. However, you should follow the instructions in the tag / pillow label. In general, almost all cushions containing washable fiber silicon. Here are ways to wash the pillow.

  1. Prepare compatible detergent, soda powder, deodorizer and washing machine.
  2. Turn on the washing machine in settings for maximum load. If possible, set to hot water mode. Wash two standard size pillows (45×65) in a washing machine all at once.
  3. Add detergent and 1/2 cup powdered soda. Detergent and Soda powder can help lift stains that stick and whiten the pillow.
  4. Add deodorizer into the washing machine for a fragrant pillow.
  5. After the washing machine stops working, dry the pillow. Try not to dry with heat (hot dryer). We recommend that the cushion is drying manually only, dry in sunlight in sufficient time to dry it, because if left too hot,  it will damage the silicon fiber. Drying by machine sometimes damages the shape of the pillow. If you wash it manually, it does not need to be squeezes until it is twisted, as it damages the shape of the pillow.


wash machine
Cleaning two standard pillows at once

To find out when to change the pillow, fold the pillow, then remove it. If the pillow back to normal means the pillow is still in good condition, the pillow does not need replacement. If the cushion remains in a folded or very slow position in its inflating process to normal shape, it is time to replace the new pillow. However this does not apply to the cotton pillow, foam and latex. Do not fold the latex pillow, just to measure the life time of its replacement.

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