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4 Way To Eliminate Wrinkles On Face

How To Eliminate Wrinkles On Face Caused By Pillow

When you wake up try to look in the mirror, sometimes there are traces of fabric texture or pillow that is left on your face. This is called a wrinkles on face. It would be very disturbing to your appearance right? Wrinkles that usually appear because our face is attach to the surface of the pillow or mattress is not flat, or folded fabric. Because the process is long enough, it causes scars on the facial skin. Prone sleeping position will more often raise the problem than the supine sleeping position.

Wrinkles On Face
Wrinkles On Face Caused By Pillow

When people sleep with a position attached to the surface of the pillow or mattress, then the air circulation is also reduced considerably. The skin cells that are supposed to operate normally become depressed by the folded fabric causing skin cell swelling. Skin cells contain fluid that acts as a cushion to make skin look full.

As you burrow your face into the pillow for a long time, the fluid in the skin cells is absorbs by the body. So, once you wake up, skin cells gradually swell as most liquids. This is what causes wrinkles or creases on the face, says Lydia Evan, Dermatologist in Chappaqua, New York.

Sleeping habits with faces face down or closed from the air circulation will more quickly encourage skin rupture and trigger the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face. Meanwhile, if you sleep in a sloping position to the right or to the left will make your face closed or depressed partial pillow.

Here are 4 ways how To Eliminate Wrinkles :

1. Wash With Water.

Wash your face with warm water or water with normal temperature, continue with massaging (upwards) slowly on the face with a moisturizer. Warm water speeds up the flow of blood to the folded areas of the skin.

While the moisturizing function is to restore the skin moisture to normal. While massaging it slowly helps eliminate wrinkles on the skin manually and naturally.

2. Good Sleeping Position.

Do not get used to sleeping on your side, sideways, or on your stomach. Because sleeping in such a position is potentially face-close or stick / tap the surface of the pillow or mattress. Instead, sleep on your back to keep skin healthy, get a good air circulation and get the oxygen inhalation to the maximum.

Wrinkles On Face

3. Pick a Smooth and soft Pillowcases.

Another way to avoid facial wrinkles while sleeping is to use satin or silk pillowcases instead of cotton. Pillowcases with subtle material avoid faces wrinkled, although expensive you should use them because it will affect your appearance.

The shape and size of the pillowcases also have an effect. The size of a pillowcase that is too large can cause folds on the fabric. The tassel or embroidered shape of the pillowcase can also cause wrinkles problems.

Wrinkles On Face
Smooth Pillowcases

4. Picking the Right Pillow.

Tenderness or cushion density also affects the occurrence of pillow lines on your face. Pillow hard material has the potential to make the face more easily wrinkled. That is because, when there are folds of pillowcases, the lines exposed to the skin will be deeper. Pillows with material of goose or silicone hair are less likely to cause facial creases than solid textured materials such as foam.

That’s 4 way how to eliminates the wrinkles which occurs onto your face when you wake up. Hope you enjoy with this article and can minimize the bad things happened on your appearance during the day you take a rest. A wrinkles, even it will be back to normal, will still bothering you for a while.

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