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The Pillow Books : Cushion in an exposed movie

The Pillow Books : Cushion in a movie is an article that shown after discussing the pillow in a song at the previous chapter. Now comes to you, A pillow in a movie. It’s clear that the cast is not a pillow’s outfit character, but it’s a real actor. Although this film does not tell about the pillow nor the story behind it, But the subject of this film comes from “The Pillow Book”, The diary of a 10th-century.

The Pillow Books : Cushion in a movie

The Pillow Books film is narrated by Nagiko, a Japan-born model who lives in Hong Kong. She was seeking a lover in accordance with her desire. A worldly pleasures to his fascination with poetry and calligraphy. The roots of her obsession is located in his youth at Kyoto, when her father would write the character of fortune on her face.

The Pillow Book is a rare film that transcends the limitations of film and text. Crafted in a unique handling by author Peter Greenaway, based on the tenth century writings books of the imperial court observer, Sei Shonagon. He brings a rich visual that relies on stunning settings to the screen.

Similarly, The physical beauty of the actors, Vivian Wu and Ewan McGregor. In addition, The joy of ancient and modern systems of writing, that called The Calligraphic Arts, make the film worth to see.

Greenaway’s penchant for incorporating art, numbers, books, and architecture in a film medium, ensure those who enjoy his style in creating film, will not be disappointing. As a young child, Nagiko’s (Wu) character has celebrated a birthday in a family ritual celebration and at that time, Her father write the story of myth creation, on her face.

However, When she reach out onto adulthood and marriage, Her spouse is neither interested nor willing to continue her writings tradition.  She’s very frustrating for her inability to find a lover who is a good calligrapher, or a calligrapher who is a good lover.

Pillow Books
The Calligraphic Arts. Foto :

The Conclusion

Nagiko finally meets a bi-sexual translator named Jerome (McGregor), who offers himself to her as a surface for her erotic creativity. Inspired by the opportunity to obtain revenge on the publisher who blackmailed her father. After that, She creates the ultimate love poem illuminated in red, gold, and black characters. Therefore, she delivers the work of writing creations to the publisher, on the naked body of Jerome.

Pillow Books
Body Calligraphic

The Pillow Book is an adult eroticism movie which is most sensuous and at visual best. Above all, It is a story that reveals in things of the profane and grotesque. In Conclusion, We should delights the eye with his ability to translate the vision of love and horrors into a statement of a physical beauty and a passionate sexuality.

Reviews from azindn at imdb, but revised a little for better reads.

Pillow Books
Pillow Book Posters at

The Pillow Book Movie Credits.

This movie was released on 12 May 1996 at the Cannes Film Festival.

Director : Peter Greenaway
Producer : Kees Kasander
Writer : Peter Greenaway
Starring : Vivian Wu, Ewan McGregor, Ken Ogata, Yoshi Oida, Hideko Yoshida, Judy Ongg
Music : Brian Eno
Cinematography : Sacha Vierny
Editor  : Peter Greenaway, Chris Wyatt
Distributor : Lions Gate Films, Canada
Release date : 12 May 1996 (Cannes), 8 November 1996 (UK), 15 January 1997 (France), 20 October 1997 (Netherlands)
Running time : 126 minutes.

The film is full of explicit scenes but does not reduce the beauty that’s shown. Moreover, the cast has the physical ability to portray characters in this film. You can find the movie at DVD stores near you. Hope you enjoy the film.

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