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The Comprehensive Matters of Pillow Materials

Which Pillow Materials Do You Use?

Pillow is an object that is needed many people during a break from a day of activity. However sleep will be problematic if your step of choose the pillow material wrongly. This will cause back pain instead of comfortable sleep.


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There are different types of pillows that you can use. But not all pillows are good for your health. Therefore you must understand about the pillow materials so that you are in the right path in choosing it. Here are some types of pillows and their effects on your health.

Matters of Pillows Materials : 1. Memory Foam Pillow

This first type of pillow material made of Polyurethane foam similar materials. Memory foam material takes a long time to get back to its original shape. This pillow is comfortable to use because it is able to absorb sweat well. For those of you who are looking for a pillow that is able to absorb the soil well then the pillow with memory foam basic ingredients is one of the best choice.

Matters of Pillows Materials : 2. Kapok Pillow

This cotton filled pillow will be slippery when held. But this type of pillow material  is very easy to get dust and mites that can interfere your health. For the people with allergies problem, this is not recommends to use this kind of material, because it will trigger asthma attacks. If you choose this pillow then keep drying the pillow as often as possible to reduce dust and mites that lodged in the cotton pillow.

Matters of Pillows Material : 3. Goose Feathers Pillow

This material is not suitable for you who have allergies to dust and feathers. But in terms of softness pillows that use the material, goose feather is very soft from other materials. The more goose feathers are used to make a pillow then the softness of the pillow will be.

Matters of Pillow Materials : 4. Foam Pillow

The average material used for fillers of this material is a sponge or synthetic material commonly used as a filler pillow after kapok. But there are disadvantages of a pillow made of foam one of which is will feel hot when used. And for its own advantages is this material is cleaner than the material of goose feathers.

Matters of Pillow Material : 5. Silicon Fibers Pillow

This material is made of very fine plastic fibers. The surface of the Silicon Fibers pillow filled with folded way will feel smoother and more qualified. If filled with a clot then the surface becomes uneven and the quality becomes less good.
The Silicon Fibers Pillow is getting better when it filled thickly, because the pillow will auto inflate after deflation process. Some doctors also advise asthmatics and allergies to choose a pillow that uses Silicon Fibers because the pillow does not absorb dust and does not become a nest of mites and bacteria.

Matters of Pillow Material : 6. Latex Pillow

Pillows made of rubber sap is harder and flat surface than silicon fiber pillow. Pillows made of latex material are suitable for people who have problems with the bones of the neck and spine. Latex is also free from mites so it is suitable for commonly suffering from allergies.
Hopefully this article can help you in choosing the best pillow or bolster for your healthy sleep.

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