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Thijs Van Der Hilst : Creator of Worlds Most Expensive Pillow

The Worlds most expensive pillow.

A good pillow is essential for a good night’s sleep, everyone knows. A pillow of fifty euros is better than one of five euros, everyone understands. But a pillow of more than 50,000 euros is the other extreme. It is the Gold Edition of Tailormade Pillow. A personalized pillow with gold pillowcase and a zipper of sapphire and diamonds. The pillow is fully customized with a 3D scan and according to the author Thijs van der Hilst is already used for royalties and American celebrities. He was the creator of the world most expensive pillow.

Thijs Van Der Hilst : Creator of worlds most expensive pillowThijs Van Der Hilst : Creator of worlds most expensive pillow

If the Gold Edition is too expensive for you, then there is the normal edition, which costs ‘only’ 3995 euros. A lot cheaper but still very much on the price. The 24-carat gold substance used for the Gold Edition is unique. “That has never been made in the world. We are the first to succeed. We use that to pimp the pillow, ‘says van der Hilst.

But despite being expensive, the pillow design from Van Der Hilst is claimed to be able to overcome all sleep problems. Because the great pillow create by Van Der Hilst design not in a short time. But it was design for years until finally the best quality pillow was created in the world.

Thijs Van Der Hilst : Creator of worlds most expensive pillow

Thijs Van der Hilst : The Creator

Here is the character behind the creation of this most expensive pillow, He is Thijs Van Der Hilst, which is none other than the specialist of neck therapy from the Netherlands. Van Der Hilst is also a pillow designer. “It’s my mission to create the perfect sleeping experience for everyone”, He said

Creator of worlds most expensive pillow

Thijs van der Hilst started making custom made pillows in 2003. As a cervical specialist he used to advise his patients to buy a proper pillow. But what is the right pillow for which patient, he asked himself. If there are three sizes of pillows available, which one would fit the best? Large for a man? But what if this man sleeps on his stomach? Or what if a petit lady has a tiny neck and sleeps on a firm mattress? Are three sizes of pillow height enough to fit everybody? That would be the same as going to a shoe store that only offered three shoe sizes, and you had to choose one of them without knowing your exact size. That would be weird, wouldn’t it?

Thijs Van der Hilst Experience

  • CEO of Pillowise USA. Pillowise® is the pillow fitting system used by 2500+ chiropractors and physical therapists. Their simple measuring system enables you to select the perfect pillow for your patients. They exclusively sell the pillows via chiropractors and PTs in the USA, not in stores or online.
  • CEO & Founder Van Der Hilst BV. Tailormade Pillow is the most innovative and above all personalized pillow ever made. They calculate the exact shape and size to create the perfect pillow with a complex algorithm.
  • Founder of KussenOpMaat BV. The only custom pillow in the world! They sell this unique product through a network of more than 2,000 points of sale in the Benelux.
  • Founder of Medicomfort BV. Label pressure reducing mattresses and related items.
  • Founder of Medicomfort Sportmedische Groothandel. Sports medical wholesaler with more than 2500 products.
  • And many more.

That’s the article of Thijs Van Der Hilst, The author of the most expensive pillow in the world. May be someday if you have a lot of money to spend. Consider to buy this one, for your better sleep. Its not just a style, Its bring the things that your heads needs. A good healthy pillow for a good rest. Hope you enjoy this article.

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